Benefits of the GLEC Framework

The GLEC Framework helps companies to apply accurate and efficient logistics emissions calculations so they can focus more on what matters - emissions reduction actions.

Whether you are a logistics provider or use logistics services in your supply chain, the GLEC Framework provides a clear methodology to:

  • Use GHG emissions as a metric for sustainable freight transportation decisions
  • Track progress towards your climate goals
  • Inform customers of emissions reductions achieved
  • Stay ahead of regulatory requirements

The GLEC Framework is the leading methodology for freight transport. Starting in 2018 it will be the basis for transport emissions reporting through CDP and Science-Based Targets initiative - and it works with the GHG Protocol. 

Further benefits of the Framework depend on whether you are a carrier operating a fleet, a logistics service provider organising transport on behalf of your customer and sub-contracting to other carriers or a cargo owner.

As a cargo owner (shipper) or logistic service provider you will be able to:

  • Make or influence decisions on supply chain optimisation (e.g. selection of modes of transport, location of transhipment centres etc.)
  • Manage the performance of the carriers that transport your products
  • Demonstrate leadership in your sector and influence your suppliers following your lead
  • Demonstrate consumers or end users of your products that your company is committed to and delivering on its sustainability promises

 As a carrier or logistic service provider you will be able to:

  • Assess your current operations in terms of greenhouse gas emissions or energy efficiency (emissions per unit of work done)
  • Evaluate the impact of measures or actions taken to reduce emissions from your fleet
  • Prioritise and plan fleet management actions such as fuel management, route optimisation, load management and vehicle utilisation


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