What is GLEC

 The Global Logistics Emissions Council (GLEC) is a group of companies, industry associations and programs that want to make carbon accounting work for industry; it is backed by leading experts, governments and other stakeholders.

The GLEC Vision is to drive emission reduction and enhance efficiency across global logistics supply chains.

The GLEC Mission is to be an industry-led collaboration to establish and implement a universal and transparent Framework for calculating logistics emissions to bring about the GLEC vision. 

Leading companies want to be competitive and more environmentally sustainable by improving freight efficiency, and tracking emissions reductions and lowering costs. Including the carbon footprint in business decisions is only possible if emissions can be calculated consistently at a global level across all modes of transport including transhipment centres.

Led by Smart Freight Centre, the Global Logistics Emissions Council (GLEC) was established in 2014. GLEC is made up of leading multinationals, associations and industry initiatives involved in freight movement. GLEC provides a common, global platform for industry to develop, improve, apply and advocate for harmonized logistics emissions accounting.

To address the gap of a universally adopted method for calculating logistics emissions, the GLEC developed the first global framework for logistics emissions accounting together with input from academia, NGO's and other stakeholders. It incorporates existing methodologies and addresses the major gaps in logistics chain coverage: The GLEC Framework for Logistics Emissions Methodologies.

GLEC Members and GLEC Consultees are currently involved in promotion and implementation activities related to global adoption of the GLEC Framework v1.0.  Technical Action Groups drawn from the GLEC membership and selected technical experts are continually reviewing methodology gaps and improvements; and leaders from the GLEC community are actively testing and learning from implementation of different aspects of the GLEC Framework. The results of the implementation projects and the technical reviews will all feed into an updated version of the GLEC Framework, v2.0.

GLEC is open for new members and stakeholder participants!
Click here for members and here for an application form.


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