What is Smart Trucks Platform?

Catalyze the sector-wide adoption of proven and cost-effective technologies and measures starting with China as a first market through SFC’s Smart Trucks Platform project

Technologies and other measures that improve fuel efficiency and reduce emissions will only be taken up across industry if barriers are removed and incentives are created. The reality is that technologies are not everywhere available, especially in developing countries, and may not be cost effective in all cases. Many carriers do not have access to credible information, experts, financing and incentive schemes to facilitate implementation across industry.

Is there nothing happening? Ample efforts exist but are often limited in scale, not designed for industry-wide uptake of successful solutions, or not share sufficiently.

So what will SFC do differently? SFC aims to develop and demonstrate a sustainable mechanism that mobilizes partners to define and commit to their role in a value proposition for the freight sector to take up proven solutions at scale.

SFC takes proven and cost-effective technologies and measures to scale by

  • Develop and test a business model with a robust business case and solutions to main barriers
  • Bring industry and partners together to accelerate the uptake of these measures by industry
  • Replicate efforts to other technologies and measures and markets around the world.


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