Smart Freight Centre Office

Keizersgracht 560, 1017 EM, Amsterdam, Netherlands
P.O. Box 11772, 1001 GT Amsterdam, Netherlands
Tel office: +31 646954405
Tel Sophie Punte: +31 631638785
Skype: smartfreightcentre

Smart Freight Leaders

Sophie Punte, Executive Director

Eszter Toth-Weedon, Industry Relations Manager

Global Logistics Emissions Council

Alan Lewis, Director Global Logistics Emissions Council

Suzanne Greene, Technical Advisor GLEC

Smart Truck Fleet Management

Bonne Goedhart, Jr. Program Manager 

Joby Chia-Pei Huang, Program Coordinator

SFC China Office:
817, Building D, ULO Park,
Chaoyang District, Beijing, China
Tel office: +86 10 8476 6376

Su Li, Office Manager and Project Coordinator

Boyong Wang, Strategic Partnerships Advisor

Yan Peng, Strategic Advisor


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