Smart Freight Centre Office

Keizersgracht 560, 1017 EM, Amsterdam, Netherlands
P.O. Box 11772, 1001 GT Amsterdam, Netherlands
Tel office: +31 646954405
Tel Sophie Punte: +31 631638785
Skype: smartfreightcentre

Smart Freight Leaders

Sophie Punte, Executive Director

Eszter Toth-Weedon, Industry Relations Manager

Global Logistics Emissions Council

Alan Lewis, Director Global Logistics Emissions Council

Smart Trucks Platform

Chris Douglas, Smart Trucks Platform Director

Bonne Goedhart, Smart Trucks Platform Project Manager 

SFC China Office:
817, Building D, ULO Park,
Chaoyang District, Beijing, China
Tel office: +86 10 8476 6376

Su Li, Office Manager and Project Coordinator

Boyong Wang, Strategic Partnerships Advisor

Yan Peng, Strategic Advisor


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