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    To give you an idea of the challenge ahead: CO2 emissions from freight at set to rise 76% between 2015 and 2050. Yet to live up to expectations of the Paris Climate Agreement we need to move in the opposite direction: reduce emissions by 20-65%, depending on whether you follow a 2 or 1.5-degree scen... >

  • The GLEC Framework is everywhere!

    Most people will remember 23 June 2016 as the day that the Brits voted for Brexit and less as the day that we FINALLY had a global way of consistently calculating logistics emissions. Yet, the GLEC (Global Logistics Emissions Council) Framework for Logistics Emissions Methodologies is quite an achi... >

  • How Internet+ is Transforming China’s Freight Landscape

    I had the pleasure of meeting Mr Xu Shuibo, CEO of Tian Di Hui last week in Shanghai. He runs an “Internet Plus” company that applies ICT to reform conventional industries, in this case the logistic sector. The name Tian Di Hui literally means ‘Sky Earth Connection’ and that ... >

  • Unlocking the Potential of Smart Freight Leadership

    In the afterglow of the Paris Climate Agreement, attention is shifting from the events around the historic agreement itself to the key players that will deliver on the promise of a low-carbon world. International-trade-related freight transport currently accounts for around 7 percent of global carb... >

  • Raise the floor: greening logistics in developing countries

    CSR reports of companies sparkle with stories of new technologies and innovative solutions: self-driving trucks, aerodynamic teardrop trailers, electric highways... These efforts are certainly commendable, but let’s be honest: most of it takes place in developed countries. This is somewhat rem... >

  • Fuel efficiency on the high seas

    Meet Michiel. He is captain on a container ship. I met him on a train to Schiphol Airport – I was going to Singapore and he was off to Bulgaria to board a container ship. Is clean fuel and fuel efficiency on his mind I wondered? Most certainly! With almost 20 years at sea he knows not only the... >

  • Doing Business at COP: Electric heavy duty trucks

    Let me start by stating that by no means I wish to favor particular technologies or brands, but I do think sharing some of the innovation excitement of businesses at COP is going to help convince people that decarbonizing the freight and logistics sector is possible. Meet Adalberto Maluf, Marketing... >

  • Doing Business at COP: Is that a Cargo Zeppelin?

      I made an inspiring discovery at COP21 in Paris in my quest for companies that think out of the box on freight and logistics. Meet Ernesto Soria, a Mexican, brought up in Kenya, speaking Dutch, living in France and working for a UK company where he happily munches cucumber sandwiches for tea... >

  • Collaboration on climate change: how to avoid ‘death by initiatives’

    This week I attended an engaging B4E event in London centered round the question: how to help address climate change and keep the global economy growing through energy productivity. For those of you new to this term, it basically means getting more GDP out of your energy. It’s attractive to bu... >

  • Moving beyond CSR to decarbonize the logistics sector

    This opinion piece appeared in a supplement of the UK Freight Transport Association's Freight Magazine, click here to download. The logistics sector must do its bit to keep global atmospheric CO2 concentrations below levels that risk a 2oC rise above pre-industrial temperatures. While companies sho... >

  • Everybody wins through logistics collaboration

    In 1998 I joined KPMG to work on corporate social responsibility (CSR). At that time companies were mostly exploring how they could improve their environmental performance in-house. Fast-forward to 2015 and we find ourselves confronted with the threat of climate change and the realization that the o... >

  • Call to Action: Double Countries that commit to setting up Green Freight Programs

    The global marketplace is fed by a vast network of freight transport that is growing rapidly and has significant environmental impacts.  This vital economic sector needs urgent reforms in order to become more efficient and more sustainable. The Global Green Freight Action Plan launched today at... >

  • How to Be a Smart Freight Leader

    Imagine you are the CEO of a multinational company trying to get millions of shoes, laptops, and candy bars to consumers around the globe. Your global freight supply chain is vast and complex, involving thousands of contractors who use a combination of trucks, trains, ships, and planes to reach... >

  • The story behind Smart Freight Centre

    How did I get the idea of setting up Smart Freight Centre as a dedicated global NGO on smarter freight and logistics? As often in life, it’s a mix of coincidence, a sparked interest and spotting the opportunity. Mid 2008, when I headed Clean Air Asia, my colleague Sudhir Gota s... >


19-01-2017 GLEC Framework listed in CDP company guidance The GLEC Framework for Logistics Emissions Methodologies has been listed by the ... >

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04-04-2017 Smart Freight Leadership Publication To give you an idea of the challenge ahead: CO2 emissions from freight at set to rise 76% ... >

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