A listing of SFC activities in the media 

7 March 2017 - N Springer, '3 reasons why you have to pull everyone together for green shipping' -

18 Jan 2017 - on carbon accounting and the Glec Framework -

Dec 2016     - S. Greene, A. Lewis, 'A Harmonized Approach for Calculating Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Freight Transportation' December 2016 issue of EM Magazine, a copyrighted publication of the Air & Waste Management Association (A&WMA;

Nov 2016     - S. Punte, 'The Smarter Freight Debate'   
Pan European Networks, Government issue 20

June 2016    -  Selection of news articles about Sophie Punte’s visit to New Zealand and her input in the design of a low emissions freight sector for NZ 

June 2016    - 
Selection of news articles about the GLEC Framework and Launch

May 2016     -  
Sophie Punte on SFC and the need for leadership in the freight sector 
Pan European Networks, Government issue 18

22 Apr 2016 - Sophie Punte on the need for global synchromodality - The Annual
Congress of the Dutch Topsector of Logistics

18 Jan 2015 -  Sophie Punte on GFEI’s expertise and network to improve the fuel
efficiency of HD vehicles
- GFEI Newsletter Januari 2016

18 Nov 2015 - SFC and Transport & Environment on G20 leaders' truck CO2 commitment 
Transport & Environment

05 Nov 2015 - Sophie Punte on participating in UNCTAD's Expert Meeting on Transport,
Trade Logistics and Trade Facilitation 2015

28 May 2015 - Sophie Punte on Call to Action ahead of Cop21 - ITF Annual Summit 2015

27 May 2015 - Single standard for logistics emissions needed, experts say - IHS Maritime 360

01 July 2014
 - Green Logistics Delivering to you Door - Iso Focus 


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