Smart Freight Centre mobilizes business to reduce emissions and recognizes leaders.

The foundation of all our work is Smart Freight Leadership.
Together with leading multinationals, partners across their global logsitics supply chain and other key stakeholders we work towards:

  • Harmonized global frameworks for emissions calculation and reduction,
    starting with the GLEC Framework.
  • Professionalized transport operators for fleet energy management,
    starting with Smart Transport Manager (STM) Training
  • Connected business and stakeholders to accelerate action.
    SFC organizes events, manages/advices on projects that are relevant to business,
    and advocates for smarter freight with government, initiatives and other players.

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We develop products and services in “the SFC Way”:

  • We start from a business perspective and articulate the market barrier, define the solution and develop a clear path to get there with industry input.
  • We develop solutions building on what already exists involving our extensive network to avoid duplication and ensure widespread stakeholder backing.
  • We act as a catalyst by encouraging businesses and others who work with businesses to take ownership of the solution and take it to scale.


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