China Expert Council

SFC has established the China Expert Council (CEC) with leading experts on freight and logistics in China, covering business, policy and research perspectives. The role of the CEC is similar to that of SFC’s global Advisory Council but focused on SFC’s role and activities in China. 

Charles Wang
Director of the Center for Logistics and SCM, Shenzhen China Development

Dalei Huang
Director of the Logistics Technology Center, COSCO Network e-Logistics

Jian Wang
General Manager, Sunjex Logistics

Jifu Guo
Director, Beijing Transport Research Institute

Liu Liang
General Manager, China Merchant Logistics Holding Beijing Co. Ltd

Mats Harborn
Executive Director of Scania China Strategic Center, Scania

Yan Peng
Independent Consultant on Low Carbon and Sustainable Social Development 

Yang Dongbo
Director of Energy Saving and Carbon Emission Research Department, Research Institute of Highways (RIOH)

Zhao Lei
Associate Professor, Tsinghua University

Zhou Zhicheng
Director of the Research Department, China Federation of Logistics Purchasing (CFLP)


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