Our team


Sophie Punte; Executive Director

Folkert Bloembergen; Deputy Executive Director 

Alan Lewis; Director Global Logistics Emissions Council

Eszter Toth-Weedon; Industry Relations Manager

Ioanna Kourounioti; Technical Expert

Chiara Lepori; Technical Expert

Roger Speyer; Finance Manager

Claire Bryant; Acting Marketing and Communication Manager

Chandan Mehta; Communications & Marketing Manager

Floor Bollee; Communications Manager

Bonne Goedhart; Project Manager

Joby Chia-Pei Huang; Program Coordinator

Mirjam Botman; Office Manager

Suzanne Greene; Technical Advisor GLEC

Boyong Wang; Director Strategic Relations SFC China

Su Li; Office Manager and Project Coordinator SFC China

Yan Peng; Strategic Advisor and Chair China Expert Council


Explore how target setting, collaboration, emission reduction actions and policy come together in an approach to sustainable logistics   The Global Logistics Emissions Council (GLEC) is a group of companies, i... >

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Sophie's Blog

Multinationals that lead the way to logistics emissions transparency In April 2017, we released our vision for ‘Smart Freight Leadership’. Be a lea... >

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