Chocoa Conference 2018

Chocoa Conference 2018 | 23 February 2018 | Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam

The 2018 Chocoa Conference, titled Sustainabilty beyond cocoa production, focused on sustainability efforts beyond cocoa production. How can sustainability on the rest of the supply chain, such as the transport and the storing of cocoa, be improved? 

The debate focused on the edge of innovation and sustainability together with stakeholders from all over the world representing the entire cocoa chain. What are the new trends and developments for ensuring a sustainable cocoa supply chain?

Sophie Punte, Executive Director of Smart Freight Centre, spoke about how businesses can be leaders by accounting for logistics emissions across their global supply chains and use results to improve business decisions and reduce emissions and costs. This includes the GLEC Framework that was developed by the industry-backed Global Logistics Emissions Council (GLEC), led by Smart Freight Centre.

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