First Smart Transport Managers Training!

In October, Smart Freight Centre's Smart Transport Manager Training (STMT) was launched in China, with the first introductory course delivered to carriers in Shanghai. The two-day training session was arranged through IKEA and held at their new offices in the city. Delegates from a number of IKEA's carriers attended.

The introductory course covered the pillars of efficient truck fleet management:

  • Fuel management programmes
  • Staff skills development
  • Vehicle specification and preventive maintenance
  • Use of IT support systems
  • Performance management and monitoring

Feedback from delegates was extremely positive and they were challenged to use their newly acquired knowledge to develop Truck Fleet Efficiency Action Plans for their own fleets. SFC specialist staff will review the Action Plans and give guidance on areas for further improvements.

SFC will continue with its STMT development programme in China and in other countries.

If you would like to know more about the training offered and how it might be relevant to your operations, please contact Chris Douglas, SFC's Smart Trucks Platform Director on 



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