How did AVERE's E-mobility conference faired in 2018?

AVERE’s E-Mobility Conference came to a close yesterday (18 October) after two days of engaging, exciting, and diverse discussions on the future of e-mobility in Europe. The main message from the close to 100 high level speakers that spoke at AEC2018 is that the time is now for Europe to accelerate the transition to electrification.

The Conference was opened by European Commission Vice President in charge of Energy Union, Maros Sefcovic, who shared his green vision for the EU, stating how he sees Europe becoming the place for “smart, clean, and safe mobility” in which electric cars are made with green batteries manufactured on the continent. Whereas Zachary Shahan, Director of CleanTechnica, took a different approach asserting that while the environmental and societal benefits were important to note, the most impactful message that will increase global EV adoption rates is that driving an electric car is fun and super convenient.

The themes from the two-day Conference include how the e-mobility sector is rapidly becoming more interconnected and autonomous. At the same time consumers are opting for e-mobility sharing services over traditional modes of transportation. It was also made quite clear that, overall, people prefer to drive electric. However, there are still some key challenges preventing some consumers to understanding the benefits of driving an EV.

In addition, there were some interesting insights shared during the event. For instance, Jon Stenning from Cambridge Econometrics talked about, The economics of decarbonizing freight transport in EU, Joeri de Ridder from Electrive drive, mentioned that, 'Political lon-term vision of the government is key, Sophie Punte from Smart Freight Centre focused on The key to emissions reductions lies with business, Standardized methods for calculation and reporting of emissions by busines and key policy recommendations to support business. She further went on to add, 'Collaboration is the key going forward. Between operators, customers and governments'

All in all, it was declared to be quite a successful event from AVERE. The discussions of the future of the e-mobility sector will continue at AVERE’s next upcoming flagship Conference, EVS32 in Lyon, France in May 2019.


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