International Transport Forum Summit

Umberto de Pretto, IRU Secretary General, spoke at the session ‘Decarbonising Transport: Towards a catalogue of effective measures’

“Don’t reinvent the wheel!” he said when commenting on the need to share information. Governments need evidence from researchers, researchers need data and information from all parties and industries need information and incentives to inform their business decisions.

Sophie Punte from SFC presented on the AEOLIX and LEARN projects at the ITF at the Open Stage Cafe, highlighting the need to link ICT systems for logistics and integrating the data needs for GHG calculations from the outset. Click here to download the presentation.

She also took part in a pane session on the ITF Outlook 2019: what are key disrupters in the transportation sector? Customer driven freight will be the biggest disruptor for goods transport according to Sophie Punte. As more and more data become available, a transparent supply chain enables users to choose the most effective mode of transport, removing the need for margin-making middle-men. The LEARN project promotes better logistics emissions accounting and transparency. Read more about the LEARN project here.


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Sophie's Blog

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