New SFC Report: State of Play - Green Freight in Asia

Asia has ample opportunity to improve the efficiency of its freight and logistics sector and reduce the emissions footprint along the way, according to a study by Smart Freight Centre.

The report 'State of Play: Green Freight in Asia' was released on 21 November 2014 at the Integrated Conference of BAQ 2014 and Intergovernmental 8th Regional EST Forum in Asia, held in Colombo, Sri Lanka. It presents the “state of play” on freight and green freight for Asia’s road sector in support of green freight efforts by industry, government and civil society, covering the

  • Demand, costs and infrastructure of the road freight sector
  • Trucking sector, including truck growth, manufacturers, fleets, and operating costs
  • Road freight fuel and emissions
  • Barriers and opportunities for green freight in Asia and for green technologies for trucks in China and India, especially tires, telematics, aerodynamics and trucking scrappage 

Download the full report at Publications.


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