Sectoral Transport Approach – Transport Tool

The Science Based Targets initiative (SBTI) has completed a year-long project to develop a set of technical resources to support corporate science-based target setting for transport activities. This project was coordinated by WWF and developed with the participation of a group of experts, including Smart Freight Centre, and project supporters (industry and non-industry representatives).

The sectors available in the tool include freight transport, covering 2-3 wheelers, light commercial vehicles, medium freight trucks, heavy freight trucks, and rail.

Transport mode definitions can be found in the guidance document, along with a step-by-step description on how to use the tool, GHG accounting guidance, best practices for target-setting and more information on the science-based target approaches used in the tool. Indexed projections and trajectories embedded in the tool are derived from the Mobility Model of the International Energy Agency.

It is now important to explore how the tool works in practice to help companies set realistic emission reduction targets, and identify recommendations for improvement.


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