SFC Partnerships with GFE and GFA

SFC has entered strategic partnerships with Green Freight Europe (GFE) and Green Freight Asia (GFA), who also will both participate in the Global Logistics Emissions Council (GLEC). 

Collaboration with GFE and GFA will focus on

  • Strategic support to GFE and GFA’s programs (e.g. methodologies and labelling, financing mechanisms, technology scale up, link with other initiatives)
  • Meeting with leading GFE shipper members to present the GFE business case and obtain their commitment to include CO2 from freight transport in their carrier selection process
  • Development of a presentable case to foundations on GFE’s and GFA’s roles as programs to drive emission reductions at scale for Europe and Asia’s freight sector and replication in other regions
  • Collaboration with GFA on the implementation of high potential technologies/strategies by carriers in Asia starting with tires and telematics. This will involve proving the business case for adopting technologies and strategies, removing barriers faced by carriers (information, financing…), and creating a model to take technology/strategy implementation to scale in Asia. Technology/strategy adoption will also be integrated into GFA’s labeling program.


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