SFC joins forces with CML - leading transport and logistics services company in China

Smart Freight Centre (SFC) and China Merchant Logistics Beijing Co., Ltd (CML) join forces in making freight in China more efficient and reducing its carbon footprint. Mr. Liang Liu, General Manager of CML and Sophie Punte, Executive Director of SFC signed a memorandum of understanding to mark the start of their collaboration in October, 2016. 

CML is the leading transport and logistics services company in China and is a state-owned company owned by the China Merchants Group. Some of its main customers include Procter & Gamble, Mobile, Shell, COFCO, Kimberly, ABB and Mars.

"Business leadership is essential to transform the freight and logistics sector into a more efficient and environmentally sustainable direction" said Sophie Punte, “SFC’s role in is to help businesses overcome barriers.”

"CML wants to set an example for China by being socially responsible, encourage green freight and recognizes the business case being a Smart Freight Leader," said Mr. Liu.

Collaboration will focus on:

  • Adopting proven fuel-saving technologies and measures for truck fleets and operations
  • Training of transport managers at CML and subcontracted carriers
  • Promoting leadership among Chinese companies on smarter freight and logistics.

SFC's focus in China builds on the momentum and potential for fuel efficiency and emission reductions. SFC is supported by a China Expert Council to advise on its direction in China, and SFC's work feeds into the China Green Freight Initiative and urban freight developments of Beijing city.



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