Smart Freight Brazil Workshop

Ten leading shippers and logistics service providers came together at an SFC facilitated workshop "Smart Freight Brazil." These companies worked together to articulate what motivates them to work towards green freight, what a green freight program in Brazil could look like, and the role that shippers and LSPs can play.

Companies proposed as a vision "Reduce emissions intensity and improve efficiency in logistics in Brazil through the development of a national green freight program that will empower and enable transportation companies, shippers and LSPs"

Other highlights were:

  • Motivations are corporate responsibility targets, cost reductions/increased revenue, and to a lesser degree government policies
  • Main benefits sought from a green freight program are good practice exchange, promotion of clean technologies/measures, "green" differentiator to customers, emission data, and common industry vision and targets
  • A program should have a broad aim but start small: Brazil, road, CO2, and then expand to Latin America, all modes, GHGs and air pollutants
  • Shippers, LSPs and carriers should work together on green freight, with support of governmentm civil society and other players

This "Green Freight Club" of companies agreed to join hands in developing green freight activities and working with the Brazil Transport Confederation (CNT) which catalyzed the establishment of the Brazil Green Logistics Program (‘Programa De Logística Verde Brasil’), with founding members Coca Cola, Dow, Heineken, HP, Natura, and Unilever.

Download the event powerpoint here.
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14 September 2015


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