Smart Freight Centre in US to advocate for smart freight

Sophie Punte of Smart Freight Centre presented at the Transportation Research Board (TRB) annual conference at a workshop organized by the LEARN consortium on standardization of logistics emissions accounting and reporting. For more information click here. At the TRB Committee ABE90 on Transportation in Developing Countries, she gave an overview of initiatives relevant to smart freight from around the world and the latest developments.

At the consortium meeting of the World Bank led 'Sustainable Mobility for All' (Sum4All) she joined a panel on multimodal transportation where she discussed the availability of alternative infrastructure to replace trips by road—for example the existence of rail networks. Another key issue is that mode choice depends on cost/pricing, and that the right incentives must be put in place to allow mode shift. Transparency on carbon footprint is also key to support the role of multimodality, and collaboration on reducing CO2 emissions from freight transport must be encouraged by governments and regulators. For a video click here

Transforming Transportation (TT) s an annual event organized by World Bank and the World Resources Institute. TT 2019 was attended by over 1,100 participants and focused on how new technologies, data platforms and business models are integrating with current transport modes to solve old problems, from efficiency and equity to safety and climate change. Sophie Punte of SFC took part in a plenary panel on 'SuM4All and New Mobility: Efficiency and Green.' She focused on the need to consider freight more strongly in the sustainable urban transport agenda, considerations for the introduction of electric trucks, the development of rail infrastructure, the role of freight exchange platforms, and the need for transparency by logistics emissions accounting by companies using the GLEC Framework. For a full video of the session click here


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