What would be the economic impact of decarbonizing goods vehicles in Europe?

Trucking into a Greener Future is a new report created & published by European Climate Foundation which highlights the economic impact of decarbonizing goods vehicles in Europe.

The European trucking sector is at a crossroads and must make choice between emissions climbing 10% over the next decade or taking a pathway towards lower CO2 emissions, stronger economic growth for Europe and better energy security. A pathway towards zero carbon road freight would cut oil imports by 1bn barrels of oil equivalent by 2030, would strengthen GDP and would create around 120,000 net additional jobs across the economy.

These are some of the conclusions of a new report – Trucking into a greener future  – released today by a consortium of stakeholders in the energy sector, trucking sector, and civil society, including Smart Freight Centre, convened by the European Climate Foundation (2). Carried out by the consultancy Cambridge Econometrics, this report is the output of constructive and transparent exchange of views on the main technical, social, environmental and economic impacts of reducing in the carbon content of fuel for heavy duty trucking in Europe with consideration of fuel efficiency technologies that can be fitted onto trucks.

We contributed to the report and Sophie Punte had the opportunity to say the following:

"It is critical that leading companies inform themselves on the different scenarios for low-carbon trucks and the associated economic and environmental implications. Given the significance of road freight in the global logistics supply chain, a successful strategy to decarbonize freight depends on the choices made now." 

Full report is available for reading and dowload here


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