Would you like to quantify the impact of your logistics efficiency measures?

The answer might be the GLEC Framework. It is a methodology for freight transport that allows companies to consistently calculate their GHG footprint across the global multi-modal supply chain and inform their business decisions and efforts to reduce emissions.

On October 2nd we are bringing together companies from representatives Trafigura, DOW, Walmart, FedEx who form the Global Logistics Emissions Council  (GLEC) is a group of companies,  industry  associations  and   programs  led  by  SFC  that  want  to  make  carbon  accounting  work  for  industry;  it  is  backed  by  leading  experts,  governments  and  other  stakeholders.    Together we developed the GLEC Framework for Logistics Emissions Methodologies  – the global  multimodal  approach  for  logistics  greenhouse  gas    (GHG)  calculation  and  reporting.  The Framework has been adopted by numerous multinationals, has been  included  in  CDP’s  reporting  guidance,  sector  guidelines  of  Science-Based  Targets  initiative  and  several   industry  associations,  as  well  as  the  UN-led  Global  Green  Freight  Action  Plan.   

You should attend if you would like to:

·      Share experiences about different approaches to GHG calculation and reporting

·      Explore how use of the GLEC Framework can help companies

·      Provide a noncompetitive platform for businesses and to connect on GHG  calculation  and  emission  reduction  actions.

·      Think beyond accounting - explore how  target  setting,  collaboration,  emission  reduction  actions  and  policy  come  together  in  a  new  approach  to  sustainable  logistics 

Please find the detailed agenda 

For more information or interests in participating the activities, please contact Ms. Joby Huang joby.huang@smartfreightcentre.org








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