What is Smart Freight Leadership?

Multinationals face the daily and complex challenge of getting their products to consumers around the globe, making use of hundreds of logistics service providers and carriers. Because logistics is largely outsourced, they find it more difficult to understand the business case and to define their role in driving smart freight practices.

SFC simplifies the pathway for companies to become a Smart Freight Leader and obtain the benefits. We do this through the Smart Freight Leadership Framework, which encompasses five core elements that define leadership. The framework provides the foundation for companies to:

  • Build a stronger business case that appeals to senior management and sales and logistics directors who hold the decision power of logistics purchasing, network design and operations
  • Make an inventory of existing logistics efforts, including through green freight programs and initiatives
  • Develop a Smart Freight Roadmap that integrates these efforts and fills the gaps working to a common goal
  • Roll out the roadmap within the company and through logistic supply chain partners
  • Position smart freight within the company’s broader sustainability and climate strategies


Download the Smart Freight Leadership Publication


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