Smart Freight Solutions Map

What can companies do to improve energy efficiency and reduce costs and emissions? SFC’s Smart Freight Solutions Map helps companies to navigate available solutions and where to find more information about them. Road freight is responsible for two-thirds of logistics emissions so we start there.

Solutions are mapped based on emission reduction potential and current feasibility for at scale adoption. Solutions to the right are easier to implement. Solutions to the top have greater impact.

As customers, cargo owners (shippers) and logistics service providers (LSPs) can influence solutions colored blue. These relate to optimization of the logistics supply chain and use of different transport modes. Carriers and LSPs who have own fleets can implement solutions colored green that cover fuel, vehicles and fleet operations.  Collaboration between customers and their supply chain partners will have the maximum effect.


Click on a solution, to find a description, barriers and enablers for adoption, and potential energy and CO2 savings. This information draws from the IEA’s Future of Trucks publication. Links to more information are also included, such as case studies, fact sheets, and certified technologies by SmartWay or other programs.