Smart Freight Centre China released the first comprehensive assessment report on zero emission freight in China

Beijing, China, 17 August 2023: Smart Freight Centre China published the China Zero Emission Freight Status Report 2022 this August. The Chinese version of the report was formally released during the Zero Emission Freight Initiative Annual Meeting 2023 on March 21, reviewing the policy, technology, infrastructure, and market updates of zero emission freight in China. The report is the first comprehensive assessment report specifically focusing on the development of zero emission freight in China with the "dual carbon" background, filling the research gap in achieving zero emission goals for the freight industry in China.

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China can play a critical role in the transition to zero emission road freight both at home and abroad, as it contributes 27% of global emissions, but also has a 62% market share in zero emission vans and trucks. The Zero Emission Freight Initiative (ZEFI) was launched by SFC in 2022, to accelerate the adoption of zero emission trucks and improve efficiency. The report, organized by Smart Freight Centre China, shows the current situation, obstacles, and challenges of zero emission freight, and puts forward a clearer vision and expectation for the development of the industry.

The report describes trends in China’s road freight sector, zero emission truck technologies development and sales, and the potential emission reductions from increased zero emission truck sales. Barriers and enablers for the uptake of zero emission trucks are analyzed, including charging infrastructure, purchase and operating costs, and government policies. To turn these insights into action, the report concludes with recommended actions for policy makers as well as industry players, including freight owners, transport companies, vehicle manufacturers, component suppliers, and energy and infrastructure providers.

For policy makers, recommendations include developing a subsidy policy suitable for the promotion of zero-emission heavy-duty trucks; providing more city access rights for zero-emission heavy trucks; incorporating the construction of complementary energy infrastructure into local planning and promoting the application of infrastructure; accelerating the improvement of the complementary energy infrastructure standards system and further expanding the pilot scale.

For markets, the report suggests that shippers, logistics service providers, fleets, vehicle manufacturers and auto parts suppliers, energy and infrastructure service providers should actively integrate into the ecosystem and develop sustainable business models together.

SFCC expects this report will increase understanding of the opportunities for zero emission trucks and will encourage all stakeholders to act.

Download the China Zero Emission Freight Status Report 2022 here:

Smart Freight Centre China

Smart Freight Centre has been operating in China since 2014, with a view to understand how logistics emissions reductions need to be realized by multinational companies operating in emerging economies and given China’s logistics sector is a large and growing contributor to the global GHG emissions.