Smart Freight Centre to promote assurance of sustainability reporting by shaping its Conformity Assessment Scheme

Amsterdam, 2 October 2023 - Smart Freight Centre’s Conformity Assessment Scheme for 'Validation and verification of GHG emissions statements for transport chains' was launched on the 3rd of July. We are excited to share that we have issued our first in principal approval of a Validation and Verification Body (VVB) - Verifavia. This will be finalized in November following the first ever SFC VVB mandatory training and exam that is required for the final VVB approval.

In Smart Freight Centre’s Conformity Assessment Scheme (CAS), conformity with ISO 14083 is mandatory, as is third-party assurance. The scheme also provides optional performance levels for reporters to apply for, as they move forward along their decarbonization journey.

Third party assurance of sustainability reporting information enhances its credibility. It provides trust that the information is accurate, relevant, reliable and complete. When you disclose verified GHG emissions, your stakeholders will feel more confident in the data.

Christoph Wolff
Christoph Wolff
CEO, Smart Freight Centre

The CAS promotes competent and impartial assurance of GHG Emissions Statements, to ensure a consistent evaluation specifically designed for assessing logistics GHG emission calculations by auditors trained and approved by SFC.

Our next steps are:

  • Providing high-quality training for emissions reporters and verifiers on the ISO 14083 standard
  • Sharing tools such as templates for Emissions reports and Verifier reports
  • Forming a list of approved VVBs that reporters can trust to carry out a competent, impartial verification service.

Key documents are available on our webpage here.

For more information about SFC’s Conformity Assessment Scheme or training for VVBs, please reach out to