Do it yourself

When there is in-house expertise

There are several ways we can help you to implement the GLEC Framework, including:

GLEC Declaration

The GLEC Declaration was developed as part of the EU-funded LEARN Project to streamline reporting between transport providers and customers. It works in two situations – business-to-business reporting and public reporting.

3 reasons to use GLEC Declaration:

- It streamlines the effort required by businesses, leading to lower costs, greater focus on emission reduction and a greater understanding of results

- it supports the use of the GLEC Framework, linking directly to it in terms of the format of information required

- It helps businesses show that the actions they take result in reduced emissions from their logistics activities.

GLEC Assurance Guidance

We developed the GLEC Assurance Guidance to support the GLEC Framework. It provides guidance for assurance providers in the steps required to assure claims made around the adoption, implementation of, and calculation outputs from, the GLEC Framework.

It’s not intended to be a new assurance standard or a substitute for existing standards for the assurance or verification of GHG emissions. It is informed by the content of ISAE 3410 and ISO 14064-3, and assurance providers should follow the good practice guidelines laid out in existing standards.

GLEC training

2 types of trainings:

- Introductory Training: Learn about main principles and practicalities of the GLEC Framework.

- Technical Training: Learn about the technical application practices of the GLEC Framework.