Financial support & Grants

We work for the benefit of society

We are a non-profit organization for the benefit of society as a whole, which means that we mainly rely on funders in order to carry out our work. Over the past five years we have made significant progress, but more must to be done to grow and scale our impact and to drive systematic change across the sector.

Charitable funds therefore continue to be essential for us to develop global standardized guidelines and advocacy work where the sector and society as a whole benefits.

Our current funders are China Energy Foundation, European Commission, Hewlett Foundation, Oak Foundation, Shell Foundation, Trafigura Foundation and UPS Foundation.

Companies and organizations pay for support services that they benefit from directly, such as advice, assessments, training and events. Services can be either provided by SFC or our accredited and licensed partners.

Interested in funding a change making organization?

Established in 2013 by Sophie Punte, as a global, mission-driven organization leading the way to more efficient and zero-emission freight.