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What does the course cover?

Created by industry experts, STMT is a 3-4 hour online training course on Smart Transport Management. STMT equips transport managers with the tools and skills needed to reduce fuel consumption and cut costs within their own transport operation.
  • Learn why reducing fuel consumption is important for the environment and your organization
  • Discover 5 principles of how to improve your fleet efficiency
  • Learn about setting up a Fuel Management Programme
  • Create your own Smart Action Plan
By the end of the course, you will have a completed Smart Action Plan that will help you get started in applying efficient transport management within your organization. Leave ready to get started with implementing your own Fuel Management Programme.

Who is the course for?

The course is for fleet managers who want to optimize their fuel and emissions reduction and leave with a ready to implement Smart Action Plan.

What is the investment?

STMT € 349 (Up to 20% discount for GLEC Members or Friends)
This includes:
- Basic Smart Transport Manager Training
- Smart Action Plan
- Note of completion

How do I join the course?

1. Click on the sign up button below
2. Create your TalentLMS account
3. Buy the course with your credit card through PayPal (no account needed)*
4. Start learning at your own pace
5. Implement your Smart Action Plan

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Course modules

Module 1. Introduction and self assessment

This includes an introduction to the fuel management programme, the fuel champion, the Smart Action Plan, and how to influence fuel consumption and assess your total fleet cost.

Module 2. Fuel specification, vehicle specification and maintenance - Smart Action Plan

This includes fuel management, vehicles & maintenance, and information technology.

Module 3. Motivating and engaging your team - Smart Action Plan

This includes employee engagement, focusing on the 4 roles, motivational techniques and safe and efficient driving techniques.

Module 4. Implementation monitoring

This focuses on how you should implement your Smart Fuel Management Programme within your organization.

Module 5. Continuous performance

This looks at The PDCA method and performance monitoring strategies - Plan, Do, Check and Act.

Classroom Training

STMT is also available as an in-classroom training. Led by industry experts, our training is a 2-day course that equips transport managers with the tools and skills needed to reduce fuel consumption and cut costs within their own transport operation.

Where you can join?

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