GLEC Partnership

Are you ready to report and reduce your logistics emissions? Join the GLEC Partnership!

The Global Logistics Emissions Council (GLEC) was established in 2014. GLEC has grown into a voluntary partnership of more than 50 companies, industry associations and programs, backed by experts, governments and other stakeholders.

The mission of GLEC as an industry-led partnership is to drive emission reduction and enhance efficiency across global logistics supply chains.
We do this through global, harmonized guidelines for reporting and reducing logistics emissions that work for business. Our work together with GLEC partners involves the development of guidelines, testing with companies, and advocacy for industry-wide uptake and aligned policy.

See below for a summary of benefits and terms.


Who: companies and industry associations

  • Support the GLEC mission
  • Improve performance and visibility (of your members) through participation in GLEC projects (contribution in cash, in kind or a combination)
  • Influence future direction and standards for logistics emissions reporting and reduction


Who: programs, tools and strategic partners

  • Support the GLEC mission
  • Work as a partner with Smart Freight Centre on guidelines, development and projects
  • Position yourself with companies that want to report and reduce emissions


Who: all organisations

  • Support the GLEC mission
  • Stay informed on GLEC and related developments
  • Participate in webinars and events
  • Share experiences and help raise awareness