GLEC Training

Understand how to apply the GLEC Framework

We offer half-day training sessions to introduce the basic principles and practicalities of the GLEC Framework.

The training helps you or your organization to understand how to apply the GLEC Framework and enable you to make a base comparison with accounting systems.

Training is suitable for all groups: Shippers, Cargo owners, Logistics service providers & Carriers.

Introductory Training: Basic principles & practicalities of the GLEC Framework.

In-person Training

Face-to-face introduction course by our technical expert in Amsterdam. Suitable for efficient communication and clarifying confusion about the GLEC Framework.

Online Training

2-hours training course in the formation of online-webinar, suitable for people who can’t travel to Amsterdam or looks for more flexibility in time sessions.

In-company Training

If you have more than 5 colleagues who would like to join our training course. Training can be tailored to your organizational needs.

Technical Training: Technical application & practices of the GLEC Framework.

In-person Training

Face-to-face in-depth technical course of GLEC Framework delivered by our Technical Development Director in Amsterdam, providing professional advice for the problems of logistics emissions calculation in your organization.

In-company Training

In-company training is possible upon request, we are more than happy to come and help you dive into the technical application details of GLEC Framework.
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Come on the journey to reduce logistics emissions.

Introductory & Technical courses to report & calculate emissions.