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Being a GLEC Framework user doesn't mean you need to change your established business practices. It works with selected, compatible existing methodologies, and combines them into one harmonized approach. It can be implemented by shippers, carriers and logistics service providers, and covers all modes of transport and logistics sites.

“Smart Freight Centre is addressing the global complexities associated with transportation emissions accounting. The GLEC Framework is the building block the industry needs to begin measuring and managing our transportation emissions with an overall goal to reduce our impact.” - Colleen Milster, Integrated Supply Chain Sustainability Specialist, The DOW Chemical Company.
The implementation of the GLEC Framework won’t happen overnight, and for some global multinationals, it may take years. Please do let us know once your management has taken the decision to start with the implementation of GLEC Framework. From that point on, we would consider you as a GLEC Framework user. Check out some of the names that have gone before you…

64 leading multinationals are using the GLEC Framework

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