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More than 120 leading multinationals are using the GLEC Framework

Being a GLEC Framework user doesn't mean you need to change your established business practices. It works with selected, compatible existing methodologies, and combines them into one harmonized approach. It can be implemented by shippers, carriers and logistics service providers, and covers all modes of transport and logistics sites. A selection of GLEC Framework users is shown below.

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What companies say about the GLEC Framework

“Smart Freight Centre is addressing the global complexities associated with transportation emissions accounting. The GLEC Framework is the building block the industry needs to begin measuring and managing our transportation emissions with an overall goal to reduce our impact.” - Colleen Milster, Integrated Supply Chain Sustainability Specialist, The DOW Chemical Company
“Sustainable development is revolutionizing our industry. FM Logistic wants to be at the forefront of this revolution and combines carbon transparency through the GLEC Framework with solutions to reduce emissions in collaboration with our clients.” - Charlotte Migne, FM Logistic’s Sustainable Development Director & chair of The Alliance for Logistics Integration through Collaboration in Europe (ALICE) working group on urban logistics

“Lenovo is proud to have built a strategic partnership with Smart Freight Centre. As a steering committee member and one of the early adopters of the GLEC Framework, through our ‘Champion China’ program we have jointly created the ‘Smart Freight Alliance China' which seeks to continue enabling a cleaner environment in this critical geography.” - Gareth Davies, Executive Director, Head of Global Logistics, Lenovo

"Trafigura is supporting the sectoral implementation of the GLEC Framework. When we introduced the methodology we extended the scope of our emissions data collection, and our reported emissions increased, but a standardized methodology for reporting the emissions from all our logistical activities will help us manage emissions strategically.” - Richard Head, Global Head of HSEC, Trafigura

“Having transparency about emissions in the supply chain is fundamental for decisions and improvements. Using credible calculation and reporting schemes which are widely accepted and adopted by our supply chain partners is key for us.” - Daniele Saba, Senior Manager Green Logistics, Volkswagen Group Logistics
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