Implement the GLEC Framework

How do I implement the GLEC Framework?

Companies can implement the GLEC Framework in different ways. Companies with developed accounting and reporting systems and dedicated staff can do this themselves. Companies that have less developed systems or are starting with emissions accounting can call in the help of SFC or SFC-accredited partners.

The following support is available to all companies:

GLEC Framework and supporting materials

Download the GLEC Framework and other supporting materials.

GLEC Framework e-training

To learn about the basics of calculating and reporting of CO2e emissions for your global supply chain.

Convince your management

Explain the GLEC Framework to your management team.

SFC Validation

For companies that want a more detailed understanding of their logistics emissions and confidence their methodology is in line with the GLEC Framework.

SFC- accredited partners

SFC-accredited partners, including tools, programs and other providers, who can deliver emission calculations in conformance with the GLEC Framework.

Frequently Asked Questions

The practical applicability of the GLEC Framework to complex multi-modal settings was tested by companies as part of the LEARN project.

  • How to adopt the GLEC Framework in combination with the methodologies, tools or standards they have been working with so far?
    Download here (GEODIS, STEF, Ewals Cargo Care)

  • How to integrate the collection, processing and reporting of data needed to calculate fuel use and emissions into the existing TMS and broader IT systems of the company?
    Download here (Road freight carriers, Retailer)

  • How to apply the GLEC Framework to specific segments and/or combinations of multiple modes and logistics sites of their logistics supply chain?
    Download here (GEODIS, FMC Corporation & BDP International)

  • How to report results from applying the GLEC Framework to customers and the public/external stakeholders using the GLEC Declaration?
    Download here

  • How to use the results from using the GLEC Framework for different decisions and implementation of actions that improve efficiency and reduce emissions?
    Download here(VRTO, Air freight provider)