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Our services: Tailored to your needs

We offer 3 different services that might be applicable to your organisation.

Gap Analysis

3 ways Gap Analysis can help you implement GLEC framework:

- When you want to analyze your current logistics GHG emission calculation and reporting practices against the GLEC Framework.

- When you're seeking recommendations on concrete actions to address any inconsistencies or gaps.

- When you want to assess the feasibility of switching to the GLEC Framework by a given reporting year.

Corporate Advisory Services

We can respond to the needs of multinationals by helping with specific queries and associated developments related to the implementation of the GLEC Framework.

GLEC training

2 types of trainings:

- Introductory Training: Learn about main principles and practicalities of the GLEC Framework.

- Technical Training: Learn about the technical application practices of the GLEC Framework.