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Shippers play a leading role in enabling the change that is needed to decarbonize the freight and logistics sector. Currently, SFBA membership is limited to shippers/cargo owners only. SFBA members:

  • Have access to a network of peers, and multimodal freight decarbonization stakeholders whom they can meet online and offline meetings and workshops.
  • Are supported by SFBA’s information hub to make well-informed sustainable procurement decisions
  • Bring forward freight decarbonization aspirations, project ideas that can be turned into concrete collaboration projects via a facilitated process of project development
  • Can join collaborative projects offered by SFBA Members and Partners
  • Members are expected to demonstrate both concrete decarbonization actions and report on logistics emissions based on the GLEC Framework.
Organizations who are on a decarbonization journey, can access the Sustainable Freight Buyers Alliance by becoming a part of the Smart Freight Centre (SFC) community as a premium member.This enables access to a wide portfolio of initiatives and projects to push your company’s emission performance and supply chain economics in collaboration with other partners.  Becoming an SFC premium member unlocks solutions deriving from our SFC initiatives including Sustainable Freight Buyers Alliance, Clean Cargo, GLEC and our future air freight initiative


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Becoming an SFC member unlocks solutions deriving from our SFC initiatives including GLEC, Clean Cargo, Sustainable Freight Buyers Alliance and Clean Air Transport.