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Deutsche Post DHL Group’s sustainability strategy builds on the UN Sustainable Development Goals and UN Global Compact Principles. The GoGreen program drives improving the environmental performance of DPDHL’s logistics services to multinational customers around the world.

The company’s GHG footprint is 28.95 million tonnes (2019), most of which is generated from air freight (65%), followed by road (21%), ocean (12%) and buildings (2%). Implementing a strategy to significantly reduce emissions is complex because DPDHL needs to engage with thousands of subcontractors to who are responsible for nearly 80% of the Group’s emissions.

“As a leading logistics company, we’re proud of the work we do to connect people and enable progress around the globe. We also acknowledge our industry’s special responsibility towards the environment and therefore drive the decarbonization of our business, focusing on innovative technologies and sustainable fuels. But green logistics require collaboration – which is why we actively engage with our customers, suppliers and peers and support initiatives like GLEC.”

- Andreas Muendel, Senior Vice President Innovation & Strategy, Deutsche Post DHL Group

Report and set targets

  • One of the founding members and first adopters of the GLEC Framework, actively supports its further development, and promotes it through green freight programs and other initiatives.
  • Set the target to reduce all logistics-related emissions to zero by 2050. By 2025 DPDHL aims to increase carbon efficiency by 50% compared to 2007 levels. Other 2025 interim targets are 70% clean pick-ups and deliveries to improve urban air quality, more than 50% sales to incorporate Green Solutions, 80% of employees trained to become Certified GoGreen Specialists and planting one million trees each year.


  • Implements numerous solutions to optimize fleets, facilities and networks. For example, about 13.500 vehicles with alternative drive systems are deployed in its mail and parcel operations. DPDHL already delivers 33% of its own first and last mile services with clean pick-up and delivery solutions.
  • Motivates suppliers to focus on sustainability and climate through Supplier Awards – including innovators from the fields of green technologies and IT. The Group’s investment policy already requires new assets to be more energy efficient than the assets they replace and binding global minimum standards for heavy duty vehicles and buildings are implemented across the Group.
  • Explores decarbonization potential of innovative technologies and sustainable fuels. A Whitepaper on sustainable fuels was published in 2019.


About Deutsche Post DHL

Deutsche Post DHL Group is the world’s leading mail and logistics company. Deutsche Post is Europe’s leading postal service provider. DHL provides international express, freight transportation, e-commerce and supply chain management services.


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