Green Freight Asia becomes the first accredited Green Freight Program

In November 2018, Green Freight Asia (GFA) achieved accreditation from us as a Green Freight Program (GFP) that provides carrier GHG emission data for freight and logistics operations that are in methodological conformance with the GLEC Framework. Green Freight Asia is the first GFP to have received this accreditation from SFC.

Green Freight Asia - GFA is a network of Asian road freight companies working together to improve fuel efficiency, reduce CO2e emissions, and lower logistics costs across the entire supply chain. The group is made up of large, medium, and small logistics companies (carriers) and customers of logistics companies (shippers). GFA operates with a label program.

The GFA Label program allows road freight carriers to apply and acquire recognition for their progress towards sustainable freight and allows shippers to select and reward carries. The label ranks carriers in four distinct tiers. Road freight carriers which attain two leaves or above in the GFA label system have the ability to be in conformance with the GLEC Framework with the support of their GFA Emissions reports. This helps their customers ensuring the implementation of the GLEC Framework via GFA.

Our relationship with GFA goes back to 2015 and since then, it has been supporting the efforts of the Global Logistics Emissions Council. For instance, in 2016 it provided a venue for the Asian launch event of the GLEC Framework and also it has been a key stakeholder for the dissemination of the GLEC Framework in Asia.