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Tackling climate change in road freight

Written by: Bonne Goedhart, 27 August 2019. Bonne Goedhart is jr. program manager at Smart Freight Centre. He manages Smart Freight Centre’s efforts to reduce the environmental impact of trucking globally.

Case studies

South Coast Logistics saves 33,000L or 104,610 kg CO2e ...

21 August 2019 - Provisional savings calculations show South Coast Logistics Limited have avoided a further 104,610kg CO2e compared to the same period last year for fleet operations as whole.

Case studies

KDG Logistics achieved a 7% reduction in operating cost...

12 August 2019 - As well as a 20% reduction in GHG emissions thanks to Smart Transport Manager Training


Climate impact of freight transportation made more visi...

11 July 2019 - An updated method to calculate the carbon footprint of the global logistics supply chain was released today by Smart Freight Centre and the Global Logistics Emissions Council (GLEC), a group of c...

Leadership stories


Volkswagen sets the TOGETHER-Strategy 2025 to become one of the world’s leading providers of sustainable mobility. Creating green practices for all Group brands that cover production, supply chain and logistics...

Leadership stories


As a major commodity trading company Trafigura sources, stores, blends and transports base metals and energy. It comes as no surprise that in 2018 the total shipping emissions were about 4.74 million tCO2e, whi...

Leadership stories

HP Inc.

HP Inc. (formerly Hewlett Packard) estimates about 1.2 million or 3.4% of the company’s annual 36 million tonnes GHG emissions are generated from logistics. To bring personal computers and printers to markets q...

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The supply of ingredients for brewing and the distribution of beer and ciders to consumers in 70 markets worldwide is a logistics challenge.

Leadership stories


As a global logistics service provider, GEODIS’ 7 Golden Rules and 7 Leadership Principles* include being a good citizen. One of its key environmental objectives* is to monitor and reduce the environmental impa...