Smart Freight Centre announces joining forces with the SLOCAT Partnership on Sustainable, Low Carbon Transport

Amsterdam, 12 October 2021

Smart Freight Centre (SFC) is excited to announce teaming up with the SLOCAT Partnership on Sustainable, Low Carbon Transport.

SLOCAT is the international multi-stakeholder partnership powering the sustainable, low-carbon transport revolution with ambition. solutions and collaboration. SLOCAT's mission is to enable collaborative knowledge and action for sustainable, low carbon transport and bring the voice of the movement into international climate change and sustainability processes.

SLOCAT's Partnership engages a vibrant international, multi-stakeholder ecosystem of over 90 entities across transport sectors associations, knowledge and academia, governments, multilateral organisations, NGOs, philanthropy and industry; as well as a large community of world-class experts and change-makers.

“Joining SLOCAT’s community of world class experts is another positive step towards our vision of an efficient and zero emissions global freight sector. We see SLOCAT as having a similar (international) culture, a complementary mission focus and having an open communication style. SLOCAT and SFC share a lot of synergies, and we look forward to strengthening our cooperation with SLOCAT partners. We are all engaged in promoting and supporting the global shift towards a sustainable low carbon world.” - Olivier Corvez, Executive Director, Smart Freight Centre
“We are delighted to welcoming SFC to our Partnership. We can’t wait to work with SFC towards lasting solutions and further strategic collaborations for sustainable freight and to jointly strengthen SLOCAT’s engagement with the global freight community.” - Maruxa Cardama, SLOCAT Secretary General

By joining forces, Smart Freight Centre and SLOCAT can continue working to accelerate the urgent transformation of transport and mobility systems worldwide, contributing the common climate goals of the Paris Agreement.

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