SFC Validation launch

Amsterdam, 4 March 2021 - Companies can now validate their logistics emission calculation and reporting with Smart Freight Centre

Many companies want to reliably calculate and report the GHG emissions associated with their freight transportation and logistics activities. More than 100 leading companies have committed to doing so already, with the number increasing all the time; but how can you be sure that the calculation is truly based on the GLEC Framework or that the input data are up to scratch?

To overcome this challenge, Smart Freight Centre (SFC) will check your logistics emission calculation and reporting so that you, your customers and external stakeholders can have full confidence in your reporting.

"Reliable emission calculation and reporting is crucial for all companies to achieve their climate goals, both internally and also for their customers and external stakeholders. Our SFC Validation service enables companies to demonstrate reporting conformance with the industry standard - the GLEC Framework, with confidence.”
- Bonne Goedhart, Business Development Manager, Smart Freight Centre
For more information, check out our webpage or reach out to our SFC team.
Illustration: © Smart Freight Centre 2021
Photo credit: Ishant Mishra, Unsplash
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