Smart Transport Manager Training goes to South Africa

During the month of April, we started a new collaboration with the Road Transport Management Systems (RTMS) in South Africa. With the help of this collaboration, we will be able to offer our Smart Transport Manager Training (STMT). This is a key step toward making the transport and logistics industry more sustainable in South Africa.

On April 8, together with the RTMS, we trained 27 Transport Managers on Smart Transport Manager Training. Transport managers learned about how to reduce fuel consumption, cut costs and reduce CO2 emissions. Trained transport managers left the course with a training certificate and a company-specific action plan that they can implement in their operations the next day. We are looking forward to seeing real action been implemented by these trained managers in their business.

We received valuable feedback during this first training workshop in South Africa, one of our trainers contributed the following:

“I was amazed at the value gained by local transport operators who attended the STMT course. We take it for granted that everyone involved in transport understands the basics of running a fleet at the lowest possible whole life cost. I realized that the STMT course would add great value in giving operators the basic skills they require to run a sustainable business.”
- Adrian van Tonder, Senior Technical Manager, Barloworld Transport, South Africa
From now onwards, STMT is offered in Australia, Ireland, China and South Africa.

About Road Transport Management Systems (RTMS)
The RTMS is a self-regulatory safety scheme that focuses on road transport operators to implement a management system. It is now representing over 260 fleets, that include 17000 vehicles, for making contributions in preserving road infrastructure, improving road safety & increasing productivity.

About Smart Transport Manager Training (STMT)
The STMT is a training course developed by Smart Freight Centre, aims to help the transportation manager in improving their energy efficiency for truck fleets. The training aspires to raise the capacity of fleet managers by focusing on five pillars – Fuel Management, Driver and Staff Skills, Vehicle Maintenance, Performance Monitoring and Information Technology.