Our achievements

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We’re proud of what we’ve achieved since 2013.

  • We’ve developed the Smart Freight Leadership framework as the foundation of our strategy together with our SFC Advisory Council of leading experts. We use this framework to help companies become Smart Freight Leaders and advocate for governments and other organizations to support them. So far, ten companies have been recognized for demonstrating Smart Freight Leadership.
  • We brought the global logistics community together in the Global Logistics Emissions Council (GLEC).
  • We’ve also established global standardized guidelines for industry including the GLEC Framework for Logistics Emissions Accounting and Reporting, Smart Truck Fleet Management and the Smart Freight Procurement Framework.
  • The GLEC Framework is the only globally recognized methodology for calculating and reporting logistics GHG by companies across the multi-modal supply chain. The framework has been recognized by the GHG Protocol, CDP, programs, tools and several industry associations as well as the UN-led Global Green Freight Action Plan. Almost thirty multinationals adopted the GLEC Framework and many more are exploring this.
  • Our Smart Truck Fleet Management approach is a holistic and integrated way for road freight carriers to improve the energy efficiency of their truck fleets. We developed STMT as a scalable product to help trucking companies to take actions towards ''Smart freight''. The training was launched in China in 2017, since then 80+ Smart Transport Managers were trained. The training is now being rolled out in Europe, South Africa and Australia.
  • The Smart Freight Procurement Framework, developed with WBCSD and WeMeanBusiness support, helps buyers of freight services make zero-emissions freight an integrated part of their procurement practices and will be released in May 2019.
  • In China, we’ve brought multinational companies together with their carriers, the government and other stakeholders in a series of workshops to drive action and supportive policy. Workshop topics range from multi-modal freight and fleet management to emissions reporting and urban freight.