Our People

Come on a journey with us.

Driven, professional and collaborative – the people behind Smart Freight are all propelled by a belief in what we do. Our team, Board, Advisory Council and China Expert Council share a sense of urgency that the global freight and logistics sector must make a bigger contribution to the climate and sustainability movement.

Our team

Sophie Punte, Executive Director
Folkert Bloembergen, Deputy Executive Director
Alan Lewis, Technical Development Director
Eszter Toth-Weedon, Industry Relations Manager
Barbara Huijgen, Business Development Manager
Ioanna Kourounioti, Technical Expert
Roger Speyer, Finance Manager
Lydia van Wijngaarden, Finance Assistant
Bonne Goedhart, Junior Program Manager
Megan Etheridge, Communications Coordinator
Joby Chia-Pei Huang, Program Coordinator
Mirjam Botman, Office Manager
Suzanne Greene, Expert Advisor
Boyong Wang, Director Strategic Relations, SFC China
Su Li, Office Manager and Project Coordinator, SFC China
Yan Peng, Strategic Advisor and Chair China Expert Council, SFC China

Board of Directors

Mirko Buining (Chair), CEO of Buining & Partners, Netherlands
Adrian Weiler, CEO of INFORM, Germany
Jiangyan Wang, Executive Director of the China Sustainable Transportation Center, China
Sam Parker, Director of Shell Foundation, UK
Simon Ng, Director – Policy & Research at Business Environment Council, Hong Kong
Jose Viegas, Chairman of the Environment and Sustainability Board at EDP, and former Secretary-General of the International Transport Forum at the OECD
Sophie Punte, Executive Director, Smart Freight Centre

SFC Advisory Council

Our Advisory Council consists of leading experts from academic institutions, international organizations and business to ensure that SFC’s activities are best positioned to accelerate and scale energy efficiency and emission reductions in the freight sector and strengthen other efforts to achieve this mission.
Alan C. McKinnon, Head of Logistics Department & Professor of Logistics, Kuehne Logistics University
Alison Clafin, Director of Business Development – Maersk GTD
Claire Bryant, Corporate Social Responsibility Manager at Boskalis
Curt Rousseau, Vice President, Information Technology, UPS Europe
Ian Wainwright, Sustainable Urban Freight specialist and former Head of Freight and Fleet Programmes, Transport for London
Jan Fransoo, Professor of Operations Management & Logistics, Kuehne Logistics University
Jari Kauppila, Head of Quantitative Policy Analysis and Foresight at International Transport Forum at the OECD, and Adjunct Professor in Transport Economics, Turku School of Economics
Jorge Tesler, Director of Centro de Logística y Sustentabilidad-Argentina
Laetitia DaBlanc, Director of Research, IFSTTAR/ Université Paris-Est
Ruth Banomyong, Director of the Centre for Logistics Research, Thammasat University
Sergio Barbarino, Chair of ALICE (Alliance for Logistics Innovation through Collaboration in Europe)

China Expert Council

The China Expert Council comprises leading experts on freight and logistics in China, covering business, policy and research perspectives. The council gives advice on our China strategy and take a lead role in our activities in China, especially the Smart Freight Forum.
Charles Wang, Director of the Center for Logistics and SCM, China Development Institute
Dalei Huang, Director of the Logistics Technology Center, COSCO Network e-Logistics
Jian Wang, General Manager, Sunjex Logistics
Jifu Guo, Director, Beijing Transport Research Institute
Liu Liang, General Manager, China Merchant Logistics Holding Beijing Co. Ltd
Mats Harborn, Executive Director of Scania China Strategic Center, Scania
Yan Peng, Independent Consultant on Low Carbon and Sustainable Social Development
Yang Dongbo, Director of Energy Saving and Carbon Emission Research Department, Research Institute of Highways (RIOH)
Zhao Lei, Associate Professor, Tsinghua University
Zhou Zhicheng, Director of the Research Department, China Federation of Logistics Purchasing (CFLP)

Smart Truck Fleet Management Council

David Cebon, Professor of Mechanical Engineering - Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge
Chris Douglas, Consultant, North Star Consultancy
Cristiano Façanha, PhD - Roadmap - Brazil Lead, The International Council on Clean Transportation
Mark Gjerek, Director, Mov3ment
Gérald Lalevee, Ingénieur expert, ADEME
Conor Molloy, Energy advisor, auditor and trainer, Authentic Energy Management Services
Paul Nordengen, Director, Road Transport Management Systems
Brian Robinson, Programme Manager (Freight), Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership
Michael Roeth, Executive Director, NACFE
Andy Salter, Managing Director, DVV Media International
Martín Tanco, Director, Universidad de Montevideo
Jorge Tesler, Director, Centro de Logistica Sustentable