Collaborate & Advocate

You cannot get to zero emission freight on your own. Freight and logistics is so complex that only a concerted effort between companies, governments, research institutes and civil society is going to work.

The ALICE Roadmap towards Zero Emissions Logistics 2050, co-developed with the EU Learn Project, managed by Smart Freight Centre, explains the roles of different stakeholders and where collaboration is needed.


Sector-wide action

Companies can collaborate and advocate for sector-wide action and supportive policies and programs.

There are 3 ways you can go about this:

  • Work directly with your logistics suppliers, and where applicable in combination with technology, fuel, vehicle and other service providers.
  • Collaborate with peers in one-to-one projects or through industry associations and programs / initiatives.
  • Advocacy for system change by interacting directly with government & other stakeholders or through industry associations and programs / initiatives.

Smart Freight Centre supports multinationals to collaborate and advocate together with their peers and partners to shape a future of sustainable freight and logistics.

Smart Freight Procurement

Our guidelines and questionnaire help make your procurement processes more meaningful and improve collaboration your suppliers on emissions reporting and reductions

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