GLEC Projects

To move fast, we develop concrete projects, big and small, around specific barriers that companies face. GLEC members and other partners work with us on these projects that make use of their experience and test what works in practice. Guidelines, case studies and any other materials that are produced are shared with all stakeholders.


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Implementation of GLEC Framework

Work with partners to roll out the GLEC Framework across your subcontracted carriers, IT providers or sector
SFSA china

Smart Freight Shippers Alliance China

Tackle your business barriers in China through peer collaboration and policy input
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ISO Standard

Ensure that industry and governments use a single methodology, consistent with GLEC Framework
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Sustainable Logistics Roadmap Testing

Put our guidelines and questionnaire into practice to see what works and what doesn’t
Low emissions fuels and vehicles

Low Emissions Fuels and Vehicles

Figure out what energy sources apply to you and how to reliably calculate emission reductions
Procurement Guidelines Q icon

Procurement Guidelines and Tools

Buyers (shippers) ask consistent questions from suppliers through a standard questionnaire template
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Smart Transport Manager Training

Mobilize your road freight carriers to develop and implement an action plan to improve efficiency and reduce emissions

Sea Cargo Charter

Develop with Global Maritime Forum a tailored emissions accounting methodology for the shipping of grain, iron ore and other bulk commodities
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Your project idea?

Propose or sponsor a project on freight emissions reporting, target setting and reduction in collaboration with GLEC partners
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Interested in collaborating other project topics? Let us know!

We have further projects in the pipeline including Urban Freight, Sustainable Freight in India, Carbon Pricing and more.