Smart Freight Collaborate

Collaborate and advocate.

It is the limited pace and scale of change that is the biggest threat to achieving Paris Agreement goals, and the logistics sector is no exception. Companies must collaborate and advocate for sector-wide uptake and there are various ways to do this: through Green Freight Programs, broader climate and sustainability initiatives, sectoral standards, and supportive public policy.

As part of our value proposition we support multinationals to collaborate and advocate together with their peers and partners to shape a future of sustainable freight and logistics.

Join the GLEC council

The expertise shared by the GLEC Members is crucial to the framework & its associated guidance documents. If you wish to influence future methodology approaches then it’s time you became a GLEC Member too.

Find the right initiative

We have compiled a non-exhaustive list of different existing collaborative programs and initiatives that helps to find which one is most appropriate for you depending on what you want to achieve and where. To find out more:

Smart Freight Forum China

Workshops in China; where we bring industry, researchers & government bodies together to align on emission reducing measures. Would you like to join?