SFC accreditation program

Work with our accredited partners.

SFC’s accreditation program is designed to help you in your choice of external support to set up and manage your logistics emission accounting and reporting. We use a technical specification and checklist that matches the principles and data structure of the GLEC Framework and assess each application against it.

Finding the right accredited program or tool for your organization

If you engage an accredited partner within the terms of the accreditation statement, then you can expect that the calculation outputs will be in conformance with the GLEC Framework.

We recommend that you consult the accreditation statements carefully to understand the different possibilities offered by each program or tool.
Glec Framework 2

Accreditation specification

The accreditation covers, among others, the following priority issues:

  • Calculation and reporting of well-to-wheel GHG emissions, expressed in units of CO₂ equivalent according to the scopes of the GHG Protocol Corporate Value Chain Accounting and Reporting Standard
  • Use of the fuel emission factors specified in the GLEC Framework, and where necessary equivalent factors required by national legislation (e.g. France, Japan and others)
  • Inclusion of the effects of empty running, partial vehicle loading and repositioning journeys to ensure complete emission reporting, according to the guidance contained within the GLEC Framework and associated base methodologies
  • Ability to incorporate network impacts, where known, on the route or transport means used
  • Use of GLEC Framework- specified default consumption factors in the case that operator data are not available
  • Specified default consumption factors in the case that operator data are not available
  • Classification of input data type (default, modelled, actual) to aid transparency over the nature of the calculation output
  • Ability to provide outputs in a format that matches the GLEC Declaration