Smart Freight Solutions

Take actions and implement solutions.

The rubber hits the road with concrete actions that reduce emissions across all modes and logistics sites. Professor Alan McKinnon in his book Decarbonizing Logistics identified five solution areas covering carbon content of energy, fleet energy efficiency, asset utilization, freight transport modes, and freight demand.

Implementing solutions as buyer or supplier of freight services is part of Smart Freight Leadership.

We started our focus on helping companies to implement solutions for road freight and to drive action through procurement practices. In the future we will be adding more guidelines and other support to help companies reduce emissions.

Road Freight Solutions

We brought together the Smart Truck Fleet Management council to develop a holistic approach to energy management of truck fleets and the Smart Transport Managers Training (STMT) is the first to use a solution.

Smart Transport Manager Training

Understand different aspects of road freight operations, to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

Leave with a company specific plan to reduce emissions.

Procurement guidelines

The Smart Freight Procurement Guidelines, developed with WBCSD and WeMeanBusiness support, helps buyers of freight services make zero-emissions freight an integrated part of their procurement practices and will be released in Summer 2019.