Sustainable Freight Buyers Alliance

The SFBA Mission and Vision

The Sustainable Freight Buyers Alliance (SFBA) aims to meet the growing demand of shippers to understand their freight logistics carbon footprint and to provide them with the tools to reduce it in collaboration with relevant stakeholders.

This is achieved through the implementation of supply chain-based initiatives and the creation of a demand signal for low and zero-carbon solutions to accelerate the shift to net-zero across all modes of transport.

The three cornerstones of SFBA are:

  • Streamlining Scalable Solutions
  • Catalyzing Concrete Collaboration
  • Demonstrating Tangible Progress
The main goal of SFBA is to empower companies to reach net-zero freight logistics carbon emissions by no later than 2050 in line with a 1.5°C maximum global temperature increase.

SFBA has a collective absolute emissions reduction target for freight logistics of a minimum of 100 milllion tonnes of CO2e by 2030, versus the date of inception. SFBA also aims to raise the bar and encourage companies to set ambitious targets.

To achieve this, the Alliance has developed the SFBA Charter. Signatories of the Charter commit to achieving a (minimum) 50% reduction in freight logistics carbon emission intensity by 2030 versus 2015 (at the earliest).

Our Partners

Smart Freight Centre (SFC) has developed and continues to administer SFBA in collaboration with BSR and the World Economic Forum (WEF). We have a long history of successful collaboration with these partners and their initiatives, and SFBA helps us to bring that to the next level.

The Alliance is supported by our partners We Mean Business Coalition and The Mission Possible Partnership.

We will be on the look out continuously to engage further partners in SFBA, as part of our efforts on streamlining solutions and catalyzing collaborations.


The Founders Circle

The Founders Circle is made up of SFBA partners (BSR, WEF) and of leading freight buyers that have provided leadership and support from the very start to help develop SFBA into a place where shippers, freight carriers and logistics service providers can come together in order to develop and implement real actions to reduce their freight logistics carbon footprint.
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Our Members:

The final set-up of the SFBA governance, including the membership options will be announced in May 2022. SFBA members will have different sets of benefits and requirements, based on the level of their engagements. SFBA Members:

  • Will be able to use the tools of SFBA, such as the Initiatives Map, the Solution Pathway Tool, Net-zero Procurement Principles
  • Will be encouraged to participate in action initiatives and collaborative projects, supported by SFBA
  • Will report their freight logistics carbon emissions to ensure progress is demonstrable both on company and relevant initiatives level
  • Will be able to scale up their freight logistics decarbonization projects
  • Will be able to attend relevant networking events to share their experiences with the SFBA community. The intent will be to encourage and inspire others to act and create further impactful collaborations
Watch video highlights from our SFBA event held at COP26 above.

Watch the full event here.

How can I get involved?

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