Smart Truck Fleet Management

Holistic approach to energy management

Road freight represents two-thirds of our global freight emissions. Improving energy efficiency and so reducing emissions from truck fleets is an enormous task. This requires drive and support from shippers but even more efforts from the actual carrier. That’s why we developed Smart Truck Fleet Management, a holistic approach to energy management of truck fleets structured around 5 key pillars:

  • Fuel Management
  • Driver and staff skills
  • Vehicles and maintenance
  • Performance monitoring
  • Information technology

Barriers for Carriers

Improve energy efficiency & reducing emissions from truck fleets.

A collaborative program, supported by the STFM Council

Smart Truck Fleet Management is a collaborative program, supported by the STFM Council, where fleet managers can find all the necessary information on how to practically address the barriers and challenges. The program is focused on reducing 4 barriers for implementing fuel-saving measures:

  • Capacity of the fleet manager
  • Reactive management
  • Management structures
  • Financing

    To address the first barrier we developed Smart Transport Manager Training (STMT) focused on building knowledge around the five pillars and creating an individual action plan. While we focus on addressing the other barriers with solutions, we also offer knowledge products and are building a community of Smart Transport Managers.